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Goodies from the wedding ceremony . Mr Azuan and Mrs Khairunnisa . Look how happy they are . I hope their happiness with last longer until Jannah , In shaa Allah . A big congratulation for both of them . The teacher that I really loves the most  :*

I have to put off my shoes as the bride said I'm to tall to take a picture with her . Then the groom comes beside me and I'm wondering , "What about him cikgu ? Cabut kaki lah ?" .. 

With my beloved science teacher (primary school )
 , Pn Norishah . I really appreciated her a lot . Without her , I would never ever ever know how to memorize the name of planets . Plus, if she doesn't ask me a favor , I wouldn't know how to differentiate the word favor and favorite . Eh faham tak ? Nah whatever . Haha -.-

With Miss Aqilah.  She was my English practical teacher and we argued a lot hahaha but still no heart feelings :p

Yummy dishes. 

Last but not least,  I pray and hoping that your wedding will last till Jannah (again) and blessed with many pleasure , healthtiness and gifts from Allah♥

-what a lame post haha.  Now they're gonna be a parents yeayy.  Wish them all the best for the new phase hik -

Kalau Anda Suka Entry Ini Like dan Comment

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