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HANGOUT : Girls Day Out :*

We're born alone,we live alone,we die alone.Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone - Orson Welles

Saturday - 22.2.2014-

Although there not enough of 3 members , Chia , Poh Ling and Fatikhah , we still continue our plans to go to KLCC and Pavillion(at first) . This is all because Cikgu Khairunnisa will held a solemnization day ,just after we get SPM result on 20th March (maybe).We're afraid that she cannot make a time for us after she got married.So,while she still a single status,we were going crazy for the whole day! After all , we have cancelled this plan twice before.After we managed to realisation our plans,we're extremely happy that we have created a moments :)
 Our compilation picture in KLCC .

Our compilation picture in Time Square area.

First place: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre ( KLCC )

-The first place in KLCC that I requested to Hanan.I'm craving for this bread,really!-

My 'yayangs' . Hihi

-Enjoying fresh orange juice- 

-Enjoying Nasi Goreng-

-Enjoying sizzling mee-
-Enjoying Lai Ci Kang-

After I received message from Cikgu Khairunnisa that she'll join us in a few minutes,everybody stops eating and strike a pose.I only realise this sudden acts from them when I was writing this post.They're so cute,aren't they ? Haha .. -.-

After that,I received another message from Cikgu Khairunnisa . She told us to wander around the shopping mall and she will catch us later.Then,we go upstairs and I saw Watsons .My favourite shops! We go around the shop and Aisyah was busy using the tester products . I joined her after I bought Vaselline petroleum jelly.Wahh,this is quite fun.If you live near KLCC or elsewhere near Watsons,you should do your makeover here.The perfumes (tester) are also available.Lol .. I'm such a noob . Sorry ._.  


A few minutes later (after we got a few snapshots together),Cikgu Khairunnisa finally arrived. Wohoo
After saying hello and so forth,we straight away to Secret Recipe!

-Secret Recipe -

Chocolate Indulgence
RM 7.50 / slice
RM 82.00 / whole
-This is freaking delicious and yet,it will make you pudgy-

Chocolate Cheese Berries. (sounds like beri-beri -.-)
RM7.50 / slice

-I do not even eat this cake.It look so creepy.Hihi..This is chosen by Putri but she didn't finished it! Eee ...-


RM 120.00 / whole

-This cake , also,I didn't touch it.Ah , yes , I did touch it ..With fork to poke the strawberries ,but I couldn't get it into my mouth T.T - 

Hot Chocolate
-I cannot finish this drink as my tummy had bloated-

SELFIE with 'ma yayang' . bluek 

Puteri was very excited with Rage Face Photo application . A..ha..ha 

So,here the plan has change.Cikgu Khairunnisa asking us about Pavillion. 'What to do ? What to buy ? Blah blah blah'
Aisyah and Hanan says that there are nothing to do there as we're not having enough money and the stuffs' price in Pavillion is double than in KLCC .Haih -.- ... I sigh heavily and yet sigh of relieved.Nasib baik lah ada orang tahu benda-benda ni T.T 
Then,Aisyah told Cikgu to go to the Times Square . I don't mind , but when I'm thinking about the earlier incident where I met someone,unexpectedly....and..yes..I'm quite disturbed about it.Ah, tak payah lah cerita pasal ni.

Aisya and Hanan . 
-Behind their cuteness , there is a funny part that we only know . Teehee ~ -

We are selfie-ing in famous place ! Where ? Restroom ! Muahaha

Second place : Pavillion Times Square

Heading to monorail station.

Heading to News KTV (Karaoke Center)


From left : Cikgu Khairunnisa .
Front : ................Puteri ....haha
Right behind : Dalila (so much worries pose)

The excited face ! :D

Having fun singing her song from Mariah Carey . LOL

Selfie with Puteri ! Again

2 hours and a few minutes later .........

Then,we heading back to Times Square.

Don't have much money to shop,selfie is enough T.T

After a few minutes,we take a monorail from Times Square to KL Central and there where we were saying goodbye to Cikgu Khairunnisa :( 
But ...........
On her wedding ceremony,we will be there ! ;D
Can't wait to see her in her wedding dress . She must be look so stunning !
Anyway,good luck Cikgu Khairunnisa ! Lepas ni shopping ramai-ramai beli baju baby. HAHA !

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Ceh , tajuk apa tu ? Haha , nahh .. I'm Malaysian . Cuma sejak tengok Running Man , aku terkena virus Korea . Macam yang Soeys cakap . Tula , berlagak lagi konon tak terpengaruh . Sekali kau .. Malam-malam sanggup tengok youtube belajar Bahasa Korea . Tak ke drastik tu ? Berminat untuk belajar bahasa Korea ? Tengok lah YOUtube . Apa susah ? Haha . 

Nak belajar ? Tekan SINI

Cikgu ni Jenny . Dia best sikit dan dia comel macam Yana Samsudin . Hihi

Try la bahasa baru . Actually Bahasa Korea agak mudah untuk belajar . Omputih pun cakap bahasa English susah tau . Tak percaya ? Sambil tunggu iklan dekat youtube tu , cuba baca komen-komen kat bawah tu. Lagi satu,bahasa Korea ni sebutan dia pun senang dan tak terbelit . Tulisan dia pun senang . Tak macam tulisan Cina dan Jepun yang banyak tanda yang kita kena tahu. Still,bahaca Cina dan Jepun dengar comel juga :) Tapi abang aku macam serabut je belajar Jepun . Malas la . Haha . Lagipun Korea ni ramai orang suka . Jadi rujukan pun banyak . Macam sahabat-sahabat aku kat bawah ni :>

내 친구, Aqilah dan Soeys :) 나는 당신을 사랑합니다 ! 

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Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of                   moments. You must experience each one before you can appreciate it-Sarah Ban Breathnach-

 Wawa yang rajin :)

 Mire' yang comel :)

Le' Sweet Girls :) 


Soeys yang cute :)

      Insan yang bahagia dengan hasil mural dia , Nurul Fatikhah . Haha

Crazy shots .


This giving us a heart attack ! Hahaha . Poor Chia,he has been accused for mentioning his crush,Izzat :P 

Sementara itu ......

A pose wile waiting their turn to returned the text book .

Putri gave a sweet smile but Dalila was frowning . She's tired,I guess . Hehe

Dalila and Wawa .

I asked her to give a pose while eating the waffle. Cuba teka macam mana pose dia?


Yeah , sangat comel put .

Sambil-sambil posing sesama sendiri,tiba-tiba Aaron Tan (Tan Guan Seng) masuk dan bebel-bebel.Haha . Kami suruh dia join , cepat-cepat dia setuju .

Exclusive pictures of Aaron Tan .

Aaron Tan with messy me . Me 171cm . I don't know his height .

With the bright student , Danusha Pillai . She was the one who taught me so well :) Thank you,Danu :*


Memorable things that I've experienced last year . The last day of school gives us a freedom but yet , our friendship will not gonna end . 

p/s : Yang mana tak ada tu,kau orang pergi mana ? Haha tak heran ye ? Foineeee

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